The first thing for you and your family to do is check out the Available Animals page. We do not have a shelter - all of our animals are in individual homes. You can read about the animals and get an idea about which pets might best suit your situation. Once you've found an animal you think might be a good fit, arrangements can be made for you to meet and greet! You can always keep up with FOJA animals by checking this website, Petfinder, or our social media. 

You will need to complete an adoption application, which you can access below. Print it and bring it with you to the met and greet. If approved as an adopter, your new family member can go home with you and will proudly wear a collar and ID tag. All pets are spayed or neutered as soon as they are old enough. Animals too young for sterilization are adopted only locally, and the adoption is conditional until the spay or neuter surgery takes place. 

The usual adoption fee is $65 for cats/kittens and $100 for dogs/puppies. This fee generally covers a portion of our fees for basic veterinary services including the spay or neuter surgery and rabies and disease inoculations, worming, and first parasite preventions. All animals are given other medical attention as needed while in FOJA care. In the case of larger dogs or animals that came to us in rough shape, the fee may be higher due to greater costs.


An adopter must be at least 18 years old, and be willing and able to provide a safe, loving home for the animal and necessary veterinarian care through the pet's life. 

All adopters agree never to sell or give away a pet, but to return the animal to FOJA, or to call and discuss the situation and alternatives with FOJA. 

There are no refunds of adoption fees except as stated in the Adoption Paperwork.



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