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We operate entirely on donations from private individuals and groups. Our overhead is low - we have no physical building to maintain or rent and we have no employees or contractors. Even our website hosting and design is donated. To view our 501c3 determination letter, click here. To do your own search for our organization, or any other nonprofit organization, visit All expenses must be pre-approved by the board and we do not allow cash withdrawals and require two authorized signatures on every check. 

In December of 2018, 51 animals were transferred from the Humane Society of Marion County/Dixie Humane Society to the Marshall Animal Hospital. Over 78 animals had been living in deplorable conditions for some time and were rescued from the rescue by a massive community-wide effort. The HSMC/DHS board could only commit $10,000.00 to their care and many were loudly skeptical that our small group of volunteers could raise the balance for what would certainly be a substantial veterinary bill. All of these animals - plus others that had already been released to individuals without proper vetting - needed veterinary care: wellness exams, spaying/neutering, worming, vaccinations, and many other services.


FOJA put out a general appeal for funds via local media outlets, print, radio, and television and we are eternally grateful to those journalists who covered the animals' plight. It was no surprise to us when the funds and supplies came rolling in, not just from folks in Jefferson and Marion County, but from all over Texas, the nation, and the world.

Every single one of those 51 dogs was treated including several that required other surgeries for injuries, medication for serious infections and more. Dogs that had been released prematurely were brought to the hospital and received treatment as well. Thanks to the amazing generosity of Marshall Animal Hospital, we were not charged boarding fees, but even with this wonderful gift, when it was all said and done, vetting expenses were still substantial. 

Despite the doubters, nearly $17,000.00 was raised for these animals and all bills are paid in full. Much of it was donated directly to the hospital and we have carefully managed the donations given to FOJA on these animals' behalf and continue to do so today. Just 5 of the original 51 released to the hospital are still in need of permanent homes; all have been with fosters since March 6. We are committed to their care for as long as it takes - FOJA doesn't give up.

Now we are faced with another substantial challenge. Our county still has no proper facility for stray and unwanted animals. As one of the poorest counties in Texas, many of our neighbors cannot afford to properly care for their companion animals and we are overrun. This problem is heartbreaking and overwhelming, but we have plans to help.


But we need you to make it happen. Whether it is $2 or $2,000 - your donations make all the difference. We can cover a rabies vaccine with $10 - and we can stretch $2,000 for a long, long, long time. Basic expenses for the initial vetting of a reasonably healthy dog are $195+; for a reasonably healthy cat, $160+. We also need to purchase food and other care supplies. Those items are currently donated, often by the good people caring for the animals while they wait for their forever homes.


Please donate today to help us continue and expand our work.


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