Fostering Information

The best way to help stray and unwanted pets is to help find fosters and permanent homes. Without an animal shelter, this job falls entirely on volunteers. Part of FOJA's work is to act as a "match-making service" for animals in need of homes, temporary or permanent, but we are not financially or legally responsible for every stray or unwanted animal in Jefferson or Marion County. At this time, our intake is closed and we are not able to accept any more animals under our umbrella.


What we can do is continue to facilitate matches between found animals and willing individuals.

Finders are welcome to send information to FOJA via the Facebook page or via email. Please include the type of animal, sex, approximate age, best guess as to breed, general location, and any observable health issues. Please also include photographs. If you are housing this animal temporarily, in your garage or shed, for example, please include that information. If this is a free-ranging animal, please know that these are more challenging to find a foster or permanent match for and FOJA cannot come and catch animals.


Example: "A black female dog, about a year old, looks like some kind of lab mix, in the River Oaks subdivision. Looks healthy, just skinny. Skittish, not aggressive. It's in my backyard for now and I can take care of it for a couple of weeks." With a clear picture attached of the dog, full body if possible.


FOJA will post this animal on our social media with the details you provide, minus your personal contact information. As individuals contact us, we will pass their contact info to you. Screening potential fosters or adopters for any animal you have found is the responsibility of the finder and an essential step! Please ask questions about number and types of animals already in the home and make a home visit, require and check vet references, and ask about financial ability to care for current pets and the pet they are interested in. You should also be clear about your expectations for what they will do with the animal if it is not a good fit for their family. Get all of this in writing!


Those seeking a new companion animal as a pet or foster are welcome to contact our page to be put in touch with finders about available animals. We will pass your info along to the finder and they may choose to contact you. If you and the finder agree that the animal is a good match for your home and wish to take it in temporarily or permanently, that is between you and the finder. FOJA makes no representations or guarantees about the animal's history, health, general disposition, behavior with other animals, children, or any other person. FOJA also cannot provide any veterinary care or other services at this time for animals not under our umbrella.

When we are able to take in new animals, there are several steps that must be followed before that animal is accepted under our umbrella and before that animal can be placed.

Animals must:

Be screened by a board member or designee of the board;

Be evaluated by a veterinarian;

Be vaccinated;

Be approved by the board for acceptance into our program.

Fosters must:

Have attended an approved foster training program;

Have completed all necessary paperwork and evaluations.

Find out about upcoming foster training programs on our Upcoming Events page.

To begin the application process, please click on the button below to access a printable copy of the required forms.


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