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Every donated item helps!  Whether it be dog or cat food, blankets or towels, puppy pads,

paper towels, crates/kennels, your donations are necessary for our efforts and make a

big difference in improving the lives of neglected animals.   Contact us to make a donation!


Fostering a dog or cat is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. By taking an animal

in need temporarily into your home, you help ready him/her for transport and adoption by

providing nurture and socialization.  Additionally, it enables FOJA with the opportunities to rescue

other animals that are in need by freeing up spots within our immediate care.   Contact us to learn more about becoming a foster!  


Funds are a critical element in rescue.  The costs of caring for abandoned, abused, and

neglected animals involve providing food and shelter,  treating existing medical conditions (injuries,

parasites, infections, and illnesses), vaccinating, spaying/neutering, transporting,

and a myriad of other expenditures.   Your donations are applied to these costs as we work

to nurture, maintain, and relocate animals to their loving, forever homes.  


Jefferson, Texas 75657



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