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Our mission is to rescue.  Our dream is
that one day there will no longer be a need.

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Animal rescue is a broad term that refers to any effort to save animals from cruelty and abuse. An animal rescue operation, whether law enforcement or civilian, identifies animal cruelty, recovers animals from substandard conditions, and makes every effort to give those animals better lives.

The Friends of Jefferson Animals is the sole provider of animal rescue for the entirety of Marion County.  Through your donations, a handful of volunteers work diligently to remove animals from tragic and, at times, hazardous situations to provide them a better future.  


Once an animal is rescued, the real work begins.  Most rescued animals have been abused or neglected and have great physical, medical, emotional, and social needs.  Nurturing is attending to those needs.  


Through the provision of food and water, medical care (including parasite control, vaccinations, spay/neuter services, and treatment of ringworm, heartworms, Parvo, and other illnesses animals may have), a clean and healthy environment, play and socialization, and attention to emotional and behavioral issues, resources, time, and energy are necessary to prepare animals for their new homes. 

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The Friends of Jefferson Animals, in partnership with Paws 4 Life in Shreveport, Marshall Pet Adoption Center, and North Shore Animal League, continually labor to move rescued animals out of our overpopulated county northward... to states where they may be adopted and find loving homes.  

The requirements for transport are strict.  All dogs and cats must be up to date on vaccinations, have clean bills of health from a veterinarian, are preferably spayed/netuered, and must be selected (usually based on age and size).  Papers must be in order and there can be no variations from what is required on the day of transport.    


In addition to relocation, local adoption is a highly preferred outcome for our rescues. 


For those looking for pets, it is an affordable way to find a loving companion that not only saves the life of a rescued animal but, additionally, makes room for the Friends of Jefferson Animals to help other animals in need of help.


Through Petfinders and our adoption page, you can discover the dogs and cats we are currently trying to find loving homes.  Please understand there are strict guidelines for adoption.    

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Mission Education.png


Education is key in combatting the growing overpopulation of abandoned, neglected, and abused animals in Marion County.


In an effort to create sustainable and compassionate outcomes for our animals in need, the Friends of Jefferson is committed to providing ongoing education with regard to available programs (such as the Animal Protection League and the  "Trap, Neuter, Return" program), as well as being available by email and phone to answer questions you may have.  

In addition, we desire to be more visible during community events in an effort promote positive, community togetherness in the ongoing endeavor.



Jefferson, Texas 75657



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