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Our Partners

Volunteer rescue organizations are dependent upon partnerships to provide necessary care and relocation for stray and abused animals.  Once animals are rescued, fosters and volunteers are vital for providing the shelter and nurturing required to prepare them for adoption. 

In conjunction with fosters and volunteers at the local, community level, the Friends of Jefferson Animals has partnered with the Animal Protection League.  Monthly, the APL visits Jefferson to provide low-cost services for animals in our community.  They are instrumental in caring for our rescues and assist us with the TNR program.  

Additionally, we rely on area veterinarians who graciously help us by caring for rescued animals that are injured or sick, providing vaccinations and spaying/neutering services, and
 performing wellness examinations and issuing "clean bills of health" at time relocation.

Our other partners include Marshall Pet Adoption Center, Paws 4 Life (Shreveport), and North Shore Animal League.  They are our relocation lifeline, without whom we'd be unable to provide transport of so many of Marion County's unwanted animals northward... to their forever, loving homes.  



Jefferson, Texas 75657



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